Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, Fridays, and alternating Saturdays

Lisa Alvarez, MSOM, L.Ac

Acupuncture | Oriental Medicine | Reiki
Healing Foundations Co-founder

Lisa has been a licensed and board certified acupuncturist since 2007. She earned her master's degree in Oriental medicine at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, graduating with honors, and her bachelor's degree in sociology from Beloit College. Lisa's approach to health and wellness follows the holistic tradition of Oriental medicine and focuses on balancing the body, mind and spirit. She continues to study advanced acupuncture techniques and other healing modalities to offer her clients comprehensive healing support.


Rebecca Gemperle

Availability: Monday and Thursday


Rebecca Gemperle, MSOM, L.Ac

Acupuncture | Oriental Medicine
Healing Foundations Co-founder

Rebecca loves Oriental Medicine for the way it allows her to offer a variety of healing techniques for a diverse set of health conditions— ranging from anxiety to infertility. Rebecca strives to create an environment where individuals can step away from the every day stresses of life and feel relaxed, safe, important, accepted and listened to. For Rebecca, seeing patients regain hope and get excited about their health is the greatest reward. Additionally, she loves that she can take her tools for healing with her when she's on the go— in any Chicago community or wherever her travels take her.

Rebecca has been a license-board certified acupuncturist since 2007. She earned her master's degree in Oriental medicine, graduating with honors, and her bachelor's degree in nutrition at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. She also earned a bachelor's degree from DePaul University in public policy. She has completed advanced training in acupuncture in Beijing, China, and served as a volunteer acupuncturist through the Bumi Sehat Birthing Center in Bali, Indonesia.


Revital Peremen

Available by appointment: Evenings, Monday through Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoons

Revital Peremen, MSOM, L.Ac

Acupuncture | Oriental Medicine | Pediatric Acutherapy | Thai Bodywork

A native of Israel, Revital came to the United States to pursue a graduate degree in Sociology at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  During her studies she discovered the field of integrative holistic medicine and changed her focus— becoming a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist. Also a certified Asian Bodywork therapist, Revital specializes in Tui-na, known as Chinese medical massage, with additional training in Pediatric Tui-na.  This style of massage influences the body's energetic flow and circulation in the same way as acupuncture by using massage and manual techniques instead of needles to activate acupoints. 

As an elementary school teacher, Revital knows the importance of education and has even traveled as far as Thailand to learn new therapeutic techniques.  Dedicated to providing the best care possible for her patients, Revital provides a unique style of health care and offers a comprehensive set of services to anyone seeking to improve their physical, mental or spiritual health, from massage to acupuncture and more.


Jennifer Gaspers

Available by appointment: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Jennfer Gaspers, LMT

Yoga | Bodywork | Craniosacral Therapy

Jennifer Gaspers is a Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist (2005), and certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (2011).  Combining Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy and Shiatsu with Chinese medicine techniques, Jennifer believes strongly in leveraging multiple modalities to facilitate healing and bring her clients meaningful, lasting results.

Jennifer's intimate yoga classes at Healing Foundations are inclusive of all levels of experience and strive to connect the transformative power of yoga to each participant's every day life. In every class or private session, her focus is to help you cultivate gratitude for exactly who you are in the present moment as well as to support your own journey of self discovery.

Jennifer is a returned Peace Corps volunteer. She spent time in Swaziland where she started the Bambanani Project of Swaziland, teaching business and marketing skills to underserved community members. Handmade jewelry from the Bambanani Project is available at Healing Foundations and craft fairs throughout the city.



Clint Smith

Clint is available by appointment Wednesday through Friday 10:30am through 7pm, Saturdays 2:30-5:30pm.

Clint Smith

Reiki Master

Certified and insured Reiki practitioner since 2015.

Clint has been a graphic designer for more than half his life (BFA, University of Illinois), an artist all his life (painting, photography), and also spent ten years in full- and part-time positions in the fitness industry. He continues to build an intense relationship with Reiki—both personally and in his practice, and in sharing the Reiki ethos through benevolent community outreach.


Venus Sabay

Available for sessions on Mondays 12-5pm, Wednesdays 2-6pm or by appointment.


Venus Sabay

Qi Gong | Chelation

Venus became a Certified Medical Qi Gong Instructor under the study of Sifu Gail Galivan at Inner Alchemy Energy Medicine in 2012.  In acknowledging the effectiveness of self-discovery and truth, her objective is to guide each person to their own unique path via healing and balance in the mind-body relationship realm; she utilizes the power of intention with coordinated breath and gentle moving meditations. Her Qi Gong classes allow each individual to experience the inner working of their universe with significance and ease, creating a more harmonious life.

Venus works with students of all levels, and has had the privilege of working with the older adult population at Rush Medical Center's membership program Rush Generations and at Mathers-More Than a Cafe, to incorporate recreational and wellness programs for the senior community.

Venus graduated with a BA in Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2000 and performs regularly throughout Chicago as a musician and singer.