Gentle Yoga

Join us for Gentle Yoga each Thursday evening to  bolster your physical and spiritual wellness. Classes are small, limited to no more than 8 participants. Our classroom space is intimate and serene, with no mirrors— fostering a sense of balance and reflection. All yoga classes at Healing Foundations are taught by Jennifer Gaspers, who is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and received her Hatha Yoga Teacher certification in 2011.

$15 Thursdays, 6:15 to 7:15pm
Newcomers are welcome; your first class is by donation— pay as little as or much as you like. Purchase a 5-class card for $60.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Private and Semi-private instruction
Experience private instruction tailored specifically to your physicality, experience level, and long-term goals. Jennifer Gaspers creates a nurturing and safe environment where no concern is considered trivial and no question goes unanswered. Learn how to safely move in and out of each pose, with modifications that work for your body. A perfect, personalized solution—whether you're just starting out, looking to more fully integrate yoga and meditation, or nurture your current practices. 

$50 40-minutes, one student
$65 75-minutes, one student
$85 75-minutes, two students

By appointment: call 773.880.9939 for availability

"I absolutely love going to Jennifer's yoga classes! They are small, dynamic, and light-hearted. Because the classes are small, it really allows Jennifer to give you great one on one guidance. I love her Gentle Yoga for relieving mid week work stress, and for some really great deep stretching that makes you feel rejuvenated. But I also really love her Hatha classes that are more energetic. Jennifer has a knack for knowing exactly what each class/student needs. The environment that Jennifer creates allows you to feel comfortable, peaceful and (my favorite) the freedom to giggle when you fall out of your pose. Jennifer has a great calming and loving presence and I am always looking forward to seeing her and taking her classes."  —Cara T.


Qi Gong 

Private and Semi-private instruction
Experience a different approach to health! Instructor Venus Sabay guides you through gentle movements and coordinated breath, cultivating your Qi— or life force energy. Qi Gong exercises are simple, repetitive, and build your energy instead of depleting it. In each class you will learn how to harmonize your Qi with the seasons. Each season has its own Qi and correlates to different emotions, and organs within the body. As these cyclical energies greatly influence the functions of each organ, our inner balance and relationship to the surrounding environment are also affected, allowing you to become closer to and more in sync with nature.

Classes end with a sound healing meditation using Tibetan Singing Bowls.
This class is for all fitness levels: for those unable to stand, Qi Gong can be performed in seated posture. Bring your family and friends—  the bigger the group, the greater the benefits.

$18 Group Instruction, every Monday 6:00 to 7:15pm and Pre-registration is required
Purchase 5 classes for $75
$85 60-minutes, private Instruction available by appointment
* Packages available


Sound Healing Meditation

Experience the healing effects of sound meditation with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, and chimes. Join sound practitioner Venus Sabay and relax while releasing stagnant energies, mental blocks, and emotional stress! Meditation is done lying down, yoga mats provided-feel free to bring a blanket and pillow. Please email Venus at with any questions.

2nd Sunday of each month: 6-7pm
$30 Pre-registration is required
Call 773.880.9939 to schedule this class


Infant Massage

$35/adult + infant: Groups of 3 or more
$70 60-minute private instruction

This class is taught by Jennifer Gaspers, a Licensed Massage Therapist.
Call 773.880.9939 to schedule this class

Allowing parents/caregivers the chance to bond and develop healthy attachment in a meaningful way with their baby, This class is based off of Vimala McClure's book, Infant Massage: A handbook for loving parents. A copy of the book is included in the class fee.

Parents will learn how to ease discomfort, relieve tension, facilitate healthy weight gain, plus techniques to relax both parents and baby. Learn to incorporate loving touch and calming tones while developing compassion for your baby. There'll be helpful hints for specific ailments and conditions (colic and gas, chest and nasal congestion, premature babies); and general massage techniques specifically for babies through their stages of growth.

"Mothers from all over the world know their babies need to be held, carried, rocked and touched every day. The gentle art of infant massage has been part of baby care-giving traditions passed from parent to child for generations."  — Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage: A handbook for loving parents.

Parents will need to bring: blanket and baby lotion or plain massage oil - almond or grapeseed oil w/out essential oils. Wear comfortable clothing, as work is done on the mats.

Infant Massage classes are customizable for small groups or as one-on-one instruction. 

Couples Massage

$180 120 minutes
This class is may be scheduled with Jennifer Gaspers or Revital Peremen
Call 773.880.9939 to schedule this class

Finally, you and a loved one learn the basics of therapeutic massage! This class is a private two-person session that’s both educational and experiential; geared toward partners, friends and family members looking to learn techniques to practice and use at home.

The two of you will learn to use your hands, legs, knees and feet to release tension and relieve immobility and pain using a number of techniques, including therapeutic massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu, acupressure, Myofascial release, and stretching. Your class can be tailored to your specifications; relaxation and invigoration, or to serve specific therapeutic needs, such as chronic back or hip pain.

Registration and non-refundable prepayment are required to book your Couples Massage class. In the event you are unable to attend the day and time as scheduled, your class may be reschedule for time that is convenient for you.