Year of the Ram Begins February 19 Tradition calls for a month-long celebration

Just when we've put the holidays to rest here at home, China gives another reason to celebrate!  According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the 2015 new year begins February 19. In traditional Chinese culture, the new year is cause for a big celebration that lasts for weeks.

 Acupuncture isn't the only ancient practice originating in China; this new year tradition has been in existence for more than 4000 years, so there's a lot riding on it! Also known as the Spring Celebration, families gather for traditional dinners, private and public spaces are decked out with festive decor, and celebrations with fireworks and crowd-pleasing festivities like the Dragon Dance abound.

The Chinese new year leans heavily on age-old superstitions and customs, including not cleaning the house for the first three days of the year for fear of sweeping away good luck. Luck is what the whole celebration is about, and red is the luckiest color. Red lanterns, red goats (this year), and red envelopes containing money for children and the elderly. This is why your Healing Foundations gift card is always swathed in a traditional (and lucky!) red envelope! Click here to read more.