Clint Smith and his Clients share their First Reiki Experiences


Clint Smith is a Level 3 Reiki practitioner who's been working with clients at Healing Foundations since 2015. "My first Reiki experience was as an add-on to other treatments I was receiving— acupuncture and massage therapy," Clint says. "I really had no idea what it was or how it worked. I had no preconceived ideas, which served me well."

"It was around 2011, or 2012. I'd had a couple Reiki treatments over the course of a few weeks and I was absolutely impressed upon by the experience— bowled over really, but I wouldn't say I was hooked." Clint explains that like a lot of people, getting his head around the Reiki experience took some time. "I have spent decades in the marketing and graphic design industry. I'm what you might consider a type-A pragmatist. I connect with facts and procedures. I had a tough time getting my head around my own personal experience, let alone begin to process the larger picture of how an energy worker could harness unseen energy."

Clint Smith, Reiki Master

Clint Smith, Reiki Master


"Reiki is a nebulous, hard-to-describe thing,"
Clint says. "I'm so enthused and incredibly thankful when my clients are willing to share their own Reiki experience in their own words."


"To be honest, it was Lisa [Alvarez] and the others at Healing Foundations that encouraged me to take my first Reiki class. It was about three years after receiving Reiki for the first time, and in the beginning I was very hesitant and a bit resistant to the idea. Now— here I am." Clint says that sometimes even he has a hard time believing he's so engaged in what was once so foreign. "I can see now that becoming a Reiki practitioner was a culmination of a lot of things— things from my past that were inconsequential at the time, that now have context. Becoming a Reiki practitioner feels like it was part of the plan all along, but still, I shake my head sometimes when reconciling my realities as a 'business person' and someone who works in 'alternative therapies.' They say that you don't find Reiki, Reiki finds you. My Reiki practice has been unexpected and unexpectedly rewarding."

Clint says that he fully relates to how people react when he talks about Reiki. "Reiki is a nebulous, hard-to-describe thing. Despite scientific proof of the physiological response to Reiki and the quantum physics that help explain unseen energy, there's nothing concrete about a Reiki treatment. Every single session and and every person's response to it is different. People are vaguely intrigued at first, but just as I once was skeptical too, people unfamiliar with energy work tend to tune out quickly. That's why why I'm so enthused and incredibly thankful when my clients are willing to share their own Reiki experience in their own words. It's an experience that begs to be shared, and can't be summed up in a single sound bite."


Reiki is a gentle, natural technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes emotional wellbeing and physical healing. If you're interested in trying Reiki for the first time and sharing your thoughts on video, please contact Clint Smith at

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