April 2017 Update


Spring greetings! This month we're taking time out from our spring cleaning to partake in some music, meditation, and high tech options for healing:


Lisa Alvarez recently took a few minutes between patients to talk about those fancy-looking pens she sometimes points at people. It turns out that all the acupuncturists at Healing Foundations are pairing high technology with the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Read what Lisa had to say about laser therapy here.

April brought two opportunities for mindfulness and meditation that'll continue right into May:
Now through May 20th, Venus is offering $10 off Chelation sessions; a hands-on energy work therapy that promotes physical and mental well-being. Call 773-880-9939 or schedule your session online.
If you missed Jennifer's Mindfulness and Meditation workshop in April, you can still sign up for the 75-minute class on May 20th. For more information, email Jennifer@HealingFound.com, or go directly to the signup page on Dabble to register.

April has had its days. Really, if April Fools Day or Tax Day weren't your thing, then there are other more joyful selections to choose from this month: International Louis Louis Day was on the 11th, and Earth Day on the 22nd gave us pause to contemplate the future of our planet. But April isn't over yet, and there's still time to plan on a free concert at the spectacular Chicago Cultural Center to celebrate International Jazz Day on April 30th!