November Update


Looking For Answers, Healthcare And Law Enforcement Turn To Acupuncture

As proponents and purveyors of holistic and drug free therapies, we've shared many posts on our Facebook page about the wealth of data supporting acupuncture as an effective treatment for pain– and for treatment of addiction. Unfortunately, in the United States, where eighty percent of the world's pharmaceutical opioid supply is consumed, the business of treating pain has led to some unfortunate consequences. "Opioid," usually paired with "Crisis" or "Addiction" is now commonplace in the headlines, but some recent news stories are revealing just how complex the challenges we face are– and how acupuncture may play a part in overcoming them. 

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Gentle Yoga has moved to Thursday!  •  Beginning November 2nd, join Jennifer Gaspers every Thursday evening from 6:15-7:15pm for Gentle Yoga ($15). Whether experienced or just starting out, Jennifer's class will put your week– your mind, and your body– into perspective with healthful balance.

Jennifer's November Yoga + Meditation Workshop occurs on Saturday the 18th, from 9:30–11:00am. The theme: Seeing Your Truth. Monthly workshops are $25, and you can rsvp by following this link.


Singing Bowls join Qi Gong  •  Venus Sabay recently completed intensive study in healing sound therapy, and is bringing the meditative quality of singing bowls to Monday night Qi Gong (every week at 6pm, $18). If you haven't tried Qi Gong yet, Venus likens it to "moving meditation," with gentle movements and coordinated breath that cultivates your Qi, or life force energy. Venus invites attendees of all experience and fitness levels to "become a force with nature, and no longer feel out of sync!" Note: There will be no class on Monday, November 28. For more information, email

Add your 'like' to our Facebook page for upcoming details: Venus will soon be offering Private Sound Therapy and Group Healing Meditations with Tibetan Singing Bowls at Healing Foundations.